Little Kickers was founded in 2002 for preschool children and children upto 7 years old.

Our story

Little Kickers started in the UK in 2002. Christine Stanschus was living in London at the time and spotted a gap in the market when trying to find pre-school football classes for her son. Child obesity was becoming a hot topic and Christine couldn’t believe there weren’t pre-school classes to get young children involved in and enjoying sport, so she decided to do it herself.

With a successful career in investment banking rather than football coaching, it was clear she needed to play to her strengths in business and find football and developmental experts who could help her shape the classes.

It was a recipe for success. Christine focused on building a brand around “fun first” making sure she worked with experts in child development as well as FA qualified football coaches. Together they created programmes that would deliver high quality football skills, combined with important pre-school learning concepts such as colour and number recognition, sharing, following instructions and using imagination.

With a network of 2,250 coaches and over 300 franchises in 32 countries, we’re now the world’s biggest and most successful pre-school football academy and there’s plenty more to come. We’re constantly enhancing our classes with the help of our experts and we’re always happy to hear from people who want to become a franchisee and experience a better work/life balance while running a successful business.

Our Malaysian story



Little Kickers was brought to Malaysia by Mr. Kalvinder Singh in 2013. He was working for a few years as a Civil Engineer in England but has always been an avid footballer - both as a player and as a fan. The Little Kickers methodology of "Play Not Push" appealed to him and have decided to take the plunge by obtaining the English Football Association (The FA) Coaching badge level 1 qualification in order to be a qualified football coach and bring Little Kickers to Malaysia.


He first brought in Mr Marcel Fabian as Operations Manager and Mr Sean Jayabalan as Head Lead Coach to help him spread Little Kickers in Malaysia. Both are avid football and futsal players and fans. Both started on a part time basis (weekend coaches) but the business has grown so much that they are now able to join the business as full timers coaching almost every day. We also have a good team of part time coaches to help us run classes. 


We started with just one venue and twelve students located at Central Park Sports Centre, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Selangor in 2013. 


Since then we have grown steadily and now also run classes in Bangsar, Ampang, six private pre-schools and one international school. We have well over two hundred children attending our classes every week. 


The outlook for 2015 is even more exciting with more centres opening at different locations and additional classes being introduced in our existing locations. Many more schools have also expressed their interest in introducing the Little Kickers programme into their curriculum.



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